Meet Our Team

Shamila Khan, HR Manager

Human Resources

Shamila is primarily responsible for our talent and people management here at FT Longitude.  This includes the recruiting and on-boarding of new team members as well as consulting with the executive team on strategic planning at FT Longitude and growing our relationship with the wider Financial Times Group. This role is also an important link between the leadership team and our wider team, helping to manage team communications and regular business updates.

Prior to FT Longitude, Shamila spent over a decade with The Copyright Licensing Agency, where she had a wide range of roles, from supervising customer services through to licensing and renewals.


What do you like most about working at FT Longitude?

I like the variation of my role that inevitably comes from working as part of a smaller team. But, above all else, I like the people most!

“We look for candidates that can exemplify the values we uphold right throughout our business.”

Our team has a very strong teamwork ethic. We always work together to come up with solutions, not just for the business and for our clients, but also for us, as individuals and how we work together effectively. I feel extremely lucky to have such a great team to manage in an HR capacity.


What specific qualities do you look out for when you are recruiting for new members of the team?

We look for candidates that can exemplify the values we uphold right throughout our business. Values such as collaboration and teamwork and commitment to quality, but also being adaptable to change since we are a fast-moving, high-growth business — being flexible and dynamic is in our nature.


What is the one thing that would surprise people about your job?

Because of the size of the organisation, I’m probably not your average HR manager. I’m actually more involved than people might expect. My work spans lots of areas such as IT, administration and finance. There’s this whole area of what I do that’s not solely talent-related.


What is it like to work for a team that’s part of the Financial Times? 

I feel quite privileged to work very closely with the wider team at the Financial Times. Working together to combine and share resources and build the foundations for a long and successful future together is part of my role I didn’t anticipate a few years ago, but it’s something I really relish and has been a wonderful opportunity to acquire new skills and learn new ways of working.

Our relationship with the FT means that we’ve also been able to recruit from a far wider pool of talent than ever before, purely and simply because we’re part of that family. I’ve met some highly skilled, incredibly energised and motivated people recently, who want to come and work for FT Longitude but perhaps wouldn’t have considered working for a smaller agency before we had the support of the FT behind us.

And, naturally, our partnership with the FT supports career development too. We’re very supportive of members of the team who want to move sideways into the FT’s editorial or commercial side of the business. And, equally, we are fortunate that we can tap into the FT Learning resources for training and skills development too. It’s enabled us to access training that is very specific to our needs, delivered by subject matter experts with sector-specific knowledge. These are skills that we can ultimately pass on to our clients through the work we do, so it’s incredibly important.


What past experiences have helped you in your role at FT Longitude?

From when I first started work straight out of university, to when I started here at FT Longitude well over a decade later, I’ve built up my knowledge first and foremost by supporting and managing people. It sounds cliché but one of the most important skills I have is the ability to listen and process information to help find solutions that aren’t always easy to see.

Out of all the places I have worked, I’ve gained the most practical knowledge and experience here at FT Longitude. One of the benefits to starting with a company relatively early on in its journey (I was one of only a dozen people when I joined the team) is being able to help to shape and build things from scratch. Having the opportunity to influence how we are structured, how we recruit and how we develop our talent has been one of the most satisfying chapters in my career to date. It’s not been without its challenges of course, but as long as you stay curious and keep learning, you will always continue to grow.

I also recently completed my CIPD qualification with the support of FT Longitude, which feels like a wonderful achievement. Doing the course really helped to embed all of the knowledge I’ve gained over the years and has given me additional confidence in the work I do day-to-day.

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Shamila Khan, HR Manager

Human Resources

Shamila is primarily responsible for our talent and people management here at Longitude, but in reality her role goes much further than that. It primarily includes recruiting and on-boarding of new team members, supporting on IT, admin and finance, as well as consulting with the executive team on strategic planning and our relationship the FT.

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