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Accenture: CFO and Enterprise Value

Accenture releases new CFO insights to strengthen relationships with existing clients


In 2018, Accenture published in-depth insight on the evolving role of the CFO in a bid to position its brand as a thought leader on the digital reinvention of finance.

Working in partnership with FT Longitude, The CFO Reimagined, was primarily designed to enrich and strengthen Accenture’s relationships with CFOs and CEOs through expert insight into the finance function, gathered through an extensive survey and interview-based research programme.

Two years later, as companies look to navigate the post-crisis world, Accenture wanted to reaffirm its position as a leading thinker on CFO issues and reignite commercial conversations with its existing client base to generate new business and fuel growth. Our work in conducting comprehensive interviews with influential CFOs at some of the world’s biggest companies was central to the strategy.

Accenture releases new CFO insights to strengthen relationships with existing clients
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interviews with influential CFOs conducted by our editorial SMEs

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finance and C-suite leaders surveyed to provide wider business context

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Reinforced and strengthened Accenture’s relationships with finance leaders globally

High-calibre interviews as a point of distinction

To ensure the content campaign matched the scale of the ambition, we developed a series of in-depth interviews with notable CFOs from around the globe, including Apple, BP, Nokia, Toshiba, Hitachi, Chevron, NBC, Halliburton, Petronas and AkzoNobel.

These interviews, which in total captured the views of around 80 CFOs across the two waves of the project (2018 and 2020), revealed deep insight into how their roles were evolving and how they were influencing the strategic direction of their companies. During the 2020 research, this also involved discussing the strategic response to Covid-19.

By capturing the views and experiences of such high-profile industry leaders, Accenture was able to create a halo effect around its campaign. The expert interviews ensured that the content for the campaign was high-impact, distinctive and differentiated from that of Accenture’s competitors.

Our work on the CFO programme has successfully enabled Accenture to forge deeper connections with influential CFOs around the world; to build closer relationships with its existing clients; and successfully attract new clients and secure new business in parallel.

High-calibre interviews as a point of distinction

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