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Siemens: A New Space Race

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Technology giant Siemens solidifies its position as leader in smart infrastructure for a new age


New life has been breathed into the traditional space race in the last few years. But what about the race for space on Earth?

In a campaign designed specifically to support Siemens in building its reputation as the leader in the smart infrastructure space, FT Longitude helped produce a flagship thought leadership programme that would help to raise awareness, and support brand advocacy for the company.

Landing on an idea that was able to make the topic of ‘smart infrastructure’ accessible to this wider audience, and able to shape the firm’s internal messaging, called for creative thinking and a new take on the traditional thought leadership recipe.

Read A New Space Race here.

Real thought leadership from day one

A thorough review of the competitive landscape, coupled with strategic input, preceded the research and content creation phases. This important up-front strategy work enabled Siemens to identify a distinct angle for the campaign and develop messaging around a fresh and novel idea.

The research itself reveals how infrastructure stakeholders view the immediate and longer-term future of our built environment and energy systems. The findings provide fresh perspectives on how our infrastructure will be reshaped by the global pandemic, a new era of digitalisation and the urgent need to decarbonise.

These quantitative findings are backed by a series of interviews with individuals representing big names in business and infrastructure: Wayne Butcher, Director at Grant Thornton; Steven Velegrinis, Director of Ecological & Landscape Urbanism at AECOM; Kerstin Sailer, co-founder of Brainybirdz and Professor of Sociology of Architecture at UCL; Matthias Rebellius, CEO of Siemens Smart Infrastructure; and others. These first-hand perspectives helped to ensure the content and insight was grounded in real-world experience and were developed into compelling narratives that form a large part of the final, published content.

“The campaign succeeds in covering the big challenges affecting the infrastructure industry today, while providing new opportunities for further communication both at brand and portfolio level. With FT Longitude's help, we were able to demonstrate the importance of smart products, solutions and services, like those offered by Siemens, to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems.”

Marcel Müller, Marketing Lead - Smart Infrastructure, Siemens

Multi-format campaign content

In-depth findings are presented in the form of chapterised insights on the campaign’s digital home; a detailed microsite incorporating visual data snapshots, extensive narration, and related feature articles, as well as ungated access to the main report with comprehensive coverage for audiences that seek a deeper understanding.

Working closely with Siemens on the campaign activation plan, our design and editorial teams created content narratives that support both linear and non-linear audience journeys, ensuring the final content assets supported a range of channels used for its amplification. Additional content such as related insight articles and social media graphics helped to attract new audiences across different channels.

Read all the findings here.

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