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Simmons & Simmons: The Big Data Race

Learning from the leaders of data commercialisation

Data has emerged as the most valuable commodity of the 21st century. The companies that unleash its commercial potential will emerge as the market leaders of tomorrow.

But the area of data commercialisation is not well understood across markets. Law firm Simmons & Simmons has unique knowledge however, and needed a platform to share this knowledge backed up by indisputable primary research.

The Big Data Race programme provided that platform. Working with the client’s internal expert advisory panel, FT Longitude’s research team helped conduct a survey of 350 senior executives to provide the basis for a detailed report and crucially, an online benchmarking tool, and to find out how their firms are commercialising their data.

For the Big Data Race campaign to offer a highly differentiated view on the area of data commercialisation, FT Longitude and Simmons & Simmons designed the survey to support an innovative online benchmarking tool. The aim of the tool was to provide an interactive example of the law firm’s expertise on the topic, but also to inspire action and engagement from both new and existing clients.

FT Longitude’s expert research and information design teams worked closely with the client to provide a platform that worked flawlessly, providing clear and actionable results for respondents, but also to help launch Simmons & Simmons’ new brand identity.

The client also produced a range of expert content assets, including a full key findings report, short-form articles and a partner-led webinar to launch the findings.

Click to explore the Big Data Race thought leadership programme.

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