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Vontobel: Act ESG

How ESG empowers investors to drive positive change

Sustainable investing is a hot topic and investment management group Vontobel wanted to find out what people really think of the burgeoning investment trend.

Vontobel commissioned FT Longitude to collaborate on an in-depth research report to signal the beginning of a deeper discussion on sustainable investing. As ESG becomes mainstream, the number of options and approaches increases, meaning that powerful insight is much in demand from a growing audience.

Vontobel: Act ESG

How research offered a solution

In order to obtain this powerful insight, Vontobel saw the value of proprietary primary research into ESG, and commissioned FT Longitude to conduct a survey of 4,600 investors from 14 markets and countries. The goal was to find out more about how investors were interacting with ESG. FT Longitude also conducted a series of qualitative interviews with subject-matter experts in order to lend context to the quantitative data.

The results were clear: the knowledge gap is still too wide. ESG investing is still hard to come by, with only 17% of investors saying they have been offered this by their advisor. The research indicates that the demand is there however, with 46% of respondents more likely to choose an adviser able to support their ESG ambitions.

The final output

We provided our editorial expertise to help Vontobel create a range of content assets to support the campaign. This package includes a long-form report and an at-a-glance scrollable infographic (right) designed by our expert information design team. The content showcases how ESG empowers investors to drive positive change through their work, using the key findings and statistics from the survey.

The findings not only signalled the need for a wider discussion on ESG investing, but also allowed Vontobel to take their place at the heart of that discussion.

Those conversations were a vital reason why the ‘Act ESG’ programme has been so successful for the firm. Vontobel ensured that all client-facing representatives were briefed in order to present and discuss the research findings at length with clients and prospects. This meant that the programme was able to significantly contribute to sales activity, outreach and revenue – a key reason why great, insight-led marketing will continue to be funded at Vontobel.

To download the full report click here.

Campaign results after 30 days

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spike in website visitors

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increase in social media engagement

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pieces of key media coverage Europe-wide

“Ensuring all our client relationship managers were as familiar as possible with the key findings was instrumental in reaching our audience effectively. This preparation enabled them to fully leverage the research we conducted with FT Longitude, and use it as a key asset to secure a high number of conversations with target clients, as we looked to partner with them to 'Act ESG'”

Elodie Duvaldestin, Head of Marketing, Asset Management

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