PODCAST: Peter Richards on managing and establishing a successful thought leadership programme

Thought Leadership Insights

Thought Leadership Insights, Episode 7

Interview with Peter Richards, VP of Marketing & Communications, Energy, Lloyd’s Register

Peter Richards has been an advocate for the use of thought leadership within B2B organisations for over 15 years. Positioned in senior marketing roles at leading brands such as BT, CPA Global and most recently at the global engineering, technical and business services organisation firm Lloyd’s Register, Peter has introduced and successfully embedded thought leadership into the marketing strategy at each one of these firms.

In this podcast, Peter shares his first-hand experiences of selling in and securing budget for thought leadership programmes over his career – including the challenges faced within firms that are unfamiliar with thought leadership as a form of brand building. Peter discusses the importance of managing and ensuring stakeholder investment throughout the process, and why, thanks to a greater awareness of the power thought leadership, there’s growing expectation to maximise the investment and ensure a strong ROI.

Topics covered

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:50 About Lloyd’s Register
  • 01:30 Taking an issues-led approach to content marketing
  • 02:00 Shifts in content creation and consumption
  • 02:50 Audiences for Lloyd’s Register’s thought leadership
  • 03:43 How an evolving market landscape affects messaging
  • 04:45 The evolution of thought leadership content and how it’s used
  • 05:55 Channels for activation
  • 06:55 Advice on applying thought leadership to a marketing strategy
  • 07:40 Investing in thought leadership
  • 08:05 Success in thought leadership
  • 09:10 How to measure success

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