Audio production

Audio production

Audio content is a powerful, engaging way to share thought leadership and build rapport with a time-pressed audience.

What we do

FT Longitude’s state-of-the-art audio studio in Spiritland Productions, Kings Cross, London

Our audio products make the most of two things: our ability to tell compelling stories; and our understanding of evolving trends in society, business, and technology. They combine journalistic interviews, desk research, and data analysis to deliver stories in an engaging format.

We provide audio content for your thought leadership in a variety of formats, including:

  • Audio interviews: in-depth conversations with subject-matter experts that stimulate debate around specific issues. These can be one-off, serialised or episodic – particularly good for distributing as podcasts.
  • Audio panel discussion: a curated dialogue between one host and two subject matter experts, designed to add further context to your insight and provide additional expert perspectives – the perfect accompaniment to an event, webinar or executive research programme.
  • Audio micrographics: short audio snippets produced as visually compelling videos to promote your content on social media and invite listeners to engage with it.

Demand for audio is growing, and it drives high levels of engagement – businesses can use it to spend quality, one-on-one time with clients and prospects.



The benefits of audio production

  • Exploit the growing trend among business leaders for consuming content on the move
  • Meet demand from people using voice technology to find and consume information
  • Demonstrate your knowledge and expertise through interviews with influential guests
  • Create a more immersive experience to strengthen the relationship between your audience and brand
  • Enhance the experience for aural learners and those with sensory impairment

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What could audio storytelling sound like for your brand?

At FT Longitude, we work with many of the biggest brands in B2B and interview some of the most influential people in their respective fields. Push play to hear what our client’s audio insights sound like as part of their content campaigns.

The FT Longitude difference

Examples of our audio interviews

Quantum Intersection
In this episode, part of EY’s Quantum Intersection series, Megan Wright, senior editor at FT Longitude, discusses with leading practitioners why UK businesses need to get ready for quantum.

Are Businesses Facing a Digital Reckoning?
How can business leaders tackle the digital acceleration gap head on? In this episode of the Workday Podcast, Pete Schlampp, chief strategy officer at Workday, discusses why expanding digital capabilities to better meet new opportunities is a business imperative.

The Glasgow regional green economy
Through the eyes of Glasgow City, this audio panel showcases a living, breathing example of a region focused on place-based economic prosperity in the transition to a net-zero economy.

The New Marketing Mission
The rise of sustainability provides marketers with a unique opportunity to stake their claim at the forefront of business. FT Longitude explores how the marketer’s role is changing, with a series of audio interviews with marketers and marketing experts.


Click here to access our online resources on audio storytelling in B2B.

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