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Expert research interviews

Expert research interviews: Influential voices for thought leadership campaigns

Over the years, we’ve secured interviews with some of the world’s leading experts in technology, telecoms, retail, finance, legal, manufacturing, energy and supply chain.

Our growing database of C-suite business leaders, specialist executives and inspiring academics includes more than 2000 established and emerging voices on key topics that dominate our client’s sectors, industries and markets.

It is our connection with these powerful influencers that enables our clients to feature high-profile contributors that add credibility and gravitas to their thought leadership campaigns.

Here we profile a select number of those individuals.

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Movers and shakers in Financial Services

Barbara Karuth, Chief Operating Officer, Allianz

Max Tayenthal, Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer, N26

Dr Leonie Lethbridge, Chief Operating Officer, Commercial Bank of Qatar

Claire Calmejane, Chief Innovation Officer, Societe Generale

Allison Beer, Chief Product Officer and Head of Customer Experience and Digital for Consumer & Community Banking, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Marco Eijsackers, Global Head of Digital Transformation, ING

Michael Cappucci, SVP of Sustainable Investing, Harvard Management Company


“There’s a huge difference between the financial crisis in 2008 and this health crisis, which has led to so much economic uncertainty. Today, most banks are in a much stronger capital position than they were in the financial crisis. This has enabled the sector to respond very quickly to the needs both of individual customers and businesses through the provision of essential lending, mortgage and capital repayment holidays.”

Jennifer Tippin, Group Chief Transformation Officer, NatWest

Technology trailblazers

Luca Maestri, SVP and Chief Financial Officer, Apple

Ciara Lakhani, Chief People Officer, Dashlane

David Lear, VP Corporate Sustainability, Dell

Todd Brady, Director, Global Public Affairs, Intel Corp

Amy Fliegelman Olli, EVP and General Counsel, VMware

Nitin Jain, Chief Financial Officer, Senior Director of Finance & Strategy, Cisco

Brad Mallard, VP Chief Technology Officer, Digital Services, Fujitsu

Avery Wang, Principle Research Scientist, Apple


“What is AI? It’s making decisions based on very large amounts of data. I’ve been hearing about AI for 30 years… but it was always a future promise. What’s different now? First, the underlying compute capability is so much faster, meaning systems can crunch through a deluge of data almost instantaneously. Two, the ability through software to manage and analyse that data is so much better… All of this data is being instantly rendered useable and actionable”

Safra Catz, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Oracle

Leaders in Industrials and Manufacturing

Mary Haigh, Chief Information Security Officer, BAE Systems

Jose Munoz, Global Chief Operating Officer, Hyundai Motor Company

Masaaki Tsuya, Global Chief Executive Officer, Bridgestone Japan

Eduardo Bellido, Chief Executive Officer, Thales Alenia Spain

Hanne Søndergaard, EVP Innovation and Sustainability Arla Foods

Arno Storm, Chief Operating Officer APM Terminals (Maersk)

Hanif Mashal, Chief Technology Officer LM Windpower (GE Renewable Energy)


“Innovation is critical. In an increasingly volatile world, with new markets emerging, established business models being disrupted, a climate challenge, and the immediate impact of the pandemic, innovation is vital for global companies to succeed.”

Carsten Knobel, Chief Executive Officer, Henkel

Major players in Retail and Consumer Goods

Asif Sadiq, Former VP, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Adidas

Edmond Mesrobia, Chief Technology Officer, Nordstrom

Morten Holm Christiansen, Chief Information and Technology Officer, Coop Denmark


“A lot of inactivity around sustainability comes from the fact that there are legacy solutions that no longer work. And it’s that change from the legacy to the future model that causes the challenges from a financial perspective. You’ve got to get over that hump, then typically a sustainable solution uses less resources, so almost inevitably it’s less expensive.”

Chris Daly, VP of Sustainability, PepsiCo

Leading lights in Life Sciences

Denise Chamberlain, Senior Executive Healthcare Finance Leader, Edward Elmhurst Health

Steve Bates, Chief Executive, UK Bioindustry Association

Roberto Gradnik, Chief Executive Officer, Ixaltis

Adrian van den Hoven, Director General, Medicines for Europe

Clive Page, Professor of Pharmacology, King’s College London


“Developing blockbuster drugs should not be about making a billion dollars. It should be about serving a billion patients. That’s when you have equity in global healthcare.”

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Founder and Executive Chairperson, Biocon

Influential minds in Government and Not-For-Profit organisations

Lord Deben, Former Secretary of State for Environment, The Climate Change Committee

Ivan Ivanov, Head of Occupational and Workplace Health, World Health Organisation

Therese McMillan, Chief Planning Officer, LA Metropolitan Transport Commission

Tanya Steele, Chief Executive Officer, WWF UK

Hala Audi, Chief Executive Officer, The Trinity Challenge


“I think this Covid crisis has been a real wake-up call for all social and financial systems to respond with more urgency and ambition to the climate crisis. Ultimately, is much bigger in every way and will stay with us over a much longer period of time if not addressed.”

Dr Barbara Buchner, Global Managing Director, Climate Policy Initiative

Academics and analysts

David de Cremer, Professor, National University of Singapore

Dr Cristina Garcia-Duffy, Head of Technology, Aerospace Technology Institute


“Good C-suite leaders will recognize that you can’t forge a path forward with one part of the organization—the technology, the tools, or the strategy— without bringing the rest of the organization along.”

Jennifer Howard-Grenville, Diageo Professor in Organisation Studies, University of Cambridge

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