Stakeholder alignment

Stakeholder alignment

Success is impossible if your stakeholders – marketing, communications and client-facing teams – do not agree about the overall objectives of your campaign and how to measure success.

Get them aligned, and your thought leadership will be woven into the fabric of the business and a core part of the brand narrative and all of the organisation’s commercial activity. Everyone will work together effectively to ensure a positive outcome, instead of seeing content as ‘something that marketing does’.  


The benefits of stakeholder alignment

We work with your key stakeholders to:

  • Establish a common understanding of your content and messaging goals across multiple teams and key individuals
  • Agree clear KPIs that will enable you to track performance
  • Develop a clear roadmap to ensure strong stakeholder alignment and buy-in throughout the course of your campaign.

What we do

We carry out structured interviews with your stakeholders in order to:

  • Clarify the objectives of your thought leadership investment from different stakeholder perspectives
  • Find out what a successful campaign looks like to them, and how they will measure success
  • Understand the broader business and audience context.

Using the findings from these interviews, we:

  • Develop your thought leadership’s objectives and KPIs
  • Provide you with a definitive set of campaign goals and metrics that will ensure that all of your key stakeholders are aligned
  • Advise you how and when to bring in your stakeholders to maximise the buy-in, support and contribution of every part of the business.

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