Intrum's European Consumer Payments Report 2019

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Intrum's A flagship report on European personal finance


Intrum has published the European Consumer Payment Report on an annual basis since 2013 in order to gain insights into European consumers’ everyday lives – specifically their spending and ability to manage their household finances on a monthly basis.

In 2019, Intrum partnered with FT Longitude to bring a fresh perspective to the report with the introduction of the Financial Wellbeing Barometer, helping the financial services firm gather significant media interest from the likes of Bloomberg and the Financial Times.

Intrum's A flagship report on European personal finance

The Financial Wellbeing Barometer

Using the survey of 24,000 European consumers, as well as the combined knowledge of both FT Longitude and Intrum’s expert research teams, four key pillars were established to compare and track financial wellbeing across the 24 European markets. As well as providing a score for each of those pillars, an Overall Financial Wellbeing Score gives an at-a-glance summary of those pillars, and provides a vital comparison point across countries.

The four pillars are:

  • Ability to pay bills on time
  • Credit freedom
  • Saving for the future
  • Financial literacy

The research

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consumer repondents to the survey

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markets polled across Europe

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pillars of financial wellbeing collated and analysed

The results

Using the insightful results from the survey analysis and barometer creation, Intrum was able to secure over 700 articles in both national and international media, including title such as the Financial Times and Bloomberg.

The results were also segmented in 24 country-specific reports, with bespoke analysis and insights into every market polled in the survey. UK consumers, for instance, were found to be highly financially literate (2nd from 24), but they are highly dependent on credit (21st from 24).

The goal to target and reach new audiences with innovative research and content was achieved through the close connection between FT Longitude’s thought leadership specialists and Intrum’s expert marketing team. We were able to use our combined knowledge of the research and the industry, to create a thoughtful programme of insights into consumer spending and saving.

Explore the findings here.

Campaign results

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downloads of the global and country-specific reports

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media articles in local and international media

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Growing engagement across all social media channels

“The strategic partnership we have with FT Longitude has supported us in underpinning our position as market leader within our industry. We are very impressed by the professionalism and expertise of each team member at FT Longitude. They were able to understand our project goals immediately and presented innovative new ideas to lift our reports. FT Longitude has enabled us to target new audiences and think differently about the format in which we present our insights.”

Marte Bryngård Gran, Director of Content and Insights

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