Content campaigns

Content campaigns

Our content campaigns combine editorial, design and digital assets to maximise reach and target your key audiences.

This all starts with strategy. Which means:

  • Designing research that meets your marketing needs
  • Planning content that targets different B2B personas and target audiences
  • Tailoring messaging while maintaining a coherent campaign that works across audiences and channels.

Some audiences want easy-to-digest messages; others want to immerse themselves and explore themes in depth. The best campaigns cater to both, without alienating anyone.

The content also needs to support the buyer journey at every stage – too much thought leadership focuses on ‘top of the funnel’ activity, such as raising awareness, but this can be a dead end in the customer journey. It must be complemented by content that convinces and converts buyers at the evaluation, consideration and decision-making stages.

The answer is a portfolio of different assets that add up to a compelling whole – a blend of long-form, short-form, design, and digital content.

Oracle’s Your Cloud Platform programme brought together a huge range of different content formats, including video, infographic, long- and short-form editorial. Click here to explore more

AECOM’s Future of Infrastructure programme dives into the views of 10,000 consumers on the cities they live in, using a spread of content formats to tell their story. Click here to explore more

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