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Marketing campaign planning

Marketing campaign planning

Successful Thought-Leading Brands are forensic in their campaign planning. They investigate the why, who, what, how and when, set objectives and achieve them – and they know which metrics to use to measure their success.

We help brands to answer the big marketing questions. How can they build awareness at the top of the funnel, and lead B2B buyers through to action? How can they use thought leadership to build long-term brand equity? And how do they align thought leadership with other tactics to create a holistic marketing model?


Our marketing campaign planning includes:

  • SWOT analysis to understand your market
  • Objectives-setting and how to unite the business around those goals
  • B2B buyer persona mapping for campaign effectiveness and sales enablement
  • Campaign design and recommendations
  • Selection of themes and messaging.
A chart showing the elements of a successful marketing campaign plan

Marketing campaign plan: Our graphic shows all the elements that make up a successful marketing campaign plan


What are the benefits of campaign planning?

This marketing campaign planning gives businesses:

  • A clear set of objectives to ensure their stakeholder groups are aligned
  • A deep understanding of core audiences and how messaging should be adjusted to meet their needs
  • Recommendations for topics and messaging to ensure maximum resonance
  • Advice on channels and amplification, and how to integrate the campaign with existing marketing activity.

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