Primary research: surveys


Surveys can be a powerful component of thought leadership. Their findings give you a foundation for insightful editorial and evidence that supports your messaging.


The benefits of surveys

Surveys are:

  • Ideal for producing a large dataset of robust insights
  • Great for measuring attitudes, opinions and behaviours
  • Effective for delivering press-friendly headline stats for powerful PR and audience hooks
  • Critical for supplying data for benchmarking and indexing studies.


What we do

During our end-to-end survey research process, we:

  • Set the hypotheses that generate the insights to support your marketing and communications objectives
  • Select appropriate methodologies, samples, quotas and demographics
  • Survey design and questionnaires that will yield insightful and provocative findings
  • Manage the fieldwork process and ensure robust data quality to give you complete confidence in the outputs
  • Use our data analysis expertise to consistently deliver strong results and findings
  • Present the findings and explain their implications.


“Applying primary research to our thought leadership gave us unique perspectives and first-hand insights from within the industry. As a result, we gained a more detailed understanding of the specific challenges and concerns our clients and future partners are faced with, which helped us to identify and articulate a clear and differentiated point of view.”

Peter Richards, Vice President Marketing Communications, Lloyd’s Register (2018)


BNP Paribas’ ESG Global Survey 2019 polled over 300 organisations on the practical implications of ESG integration. Click here to find out more.

Financial services firm, FIS Global’s Readiness Index compares comparative readiness for risk of a number of industries over several years. Click here to find out more.

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