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The year in review: Our biggest hits of 2018

Emily Taylor Gregory

As another year draws to a close, we’ve reviewed the last 12 months of news and views on the FT Longitude blog to find out which were our most-read articles of 2018.

With global trade and politics firmly set on the international agenda, uncertain times lie ahead. So here’s our round up of FT Longitude’s most-popular insights to help you to reflect on the biggest shifts in thought leadership and content marketing this year — and prepare for what comes next.


1. Q&A: KPMG’s Global Head of Communications

Following FT Longitude’s breakfast seminar in February, one of our panellists, Brian Bannister, shared his experiences of devising KPMG’s hugely successful annual CEO Outlook programme. As Global Head of Communications, Brian holds overall responsibility for KPMG’s global profile and communications. Read more


2. Content hubs: Just a fad or worth the hype?

When our CEO Rob Mitchell highlighted 12 thought leadership trends for 2018, third on the list was greater integration between thought leadership and content marketing. Campaign content hubs are emerging as the linchpin that holds the two together and a powerful way to display thought leadership online, but do they live up to their billing? Read more


3. Are tech firms better at thought leadership?

Our own research shows that the thought leadership campaigns of technology companies are far more likely to succeed than the efforts of other industries. What is it that makes the tech industry so much more successful at maximising the return on its investment in thought leadership? Read more


4. Five ways to build your thought leadership dream team

It’s almost impossible for an in-house team to cover the skills now needed for successful thought leadership – marketing leaders must become orchestrators of wide-ranging capabilities and multiple specialist providers. How can they manage that kind of complexity? Read more


5. Beware the content shock

In thought leadership, the combination of a tiny target audience and a small number of potential topics makes it difficult to get content noticed. How can producers of insight-led marketing navigate Mark Schaefer’s ‘content shock’? Read more


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About the author: Emily Taylor Gregory

Emily is our marketing director, responsible for the brand, marketing and communications strategies for FT Longitude and the Thought Leadership Network. Emily leads our content and events programmes, our digital marketing channels, as well as our speaking engagements and PR activity, working closely with our editorial and research teams to develop and promote insight and best practice at the cutting edge of thought leadership.

Before joining FT Longitude, Emily spent 14 years working in various marketing roles in the publishing and technology sectors.

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Festive greetings and best wishes for 2019, from the team at FT Longitude!

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