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For almost a decade, we’ve partnered with many of the world’s most respected brands on integrated marketing solutions that combine world class insight with creative storytelling, delivered to the world’s most influential audience.

We are a global thought leadership specialist, which means we focus exclusively on insight-led content and campaigns. Research and evidence are at the heart of everything we do.

From consulting and research, through to content creation and distribution via the Financial Times network, we deliver a truly end-to-end service.

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1. Strategy

Strategic planning and campaign consultancy

A successful thought leadership campaign needs thorough preparation.

Brands often overlook thought leadership strategy in the rush to take their content to market, but it’s a vital component of any campaign: setting clear objectives, aligning the expectations of internal stakeholders and fully understanding the needs of the market will always pay off.

We give you the tools and knowledge you need to get your thought leadership strategy right first time.

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2. Research

High-quality research = high-quality insights

It’s not easy to come up with original ideas, creative editorial, and insightful thought leadership, or to use it to open up meaningful conversations with your audience.

Good quality research can make all the difference. It gives you the evidence you need to support your point of view, start conversations with key stakeholders, and position your business as a brand that has strong ideas and original thinking.

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3. Content

Stories that change behaviour

With so many companies targeting the same group of influential people, marketers are wondering how they can get noticed.

Good content rises to the top, captivating clients and stimulating conversations at a senior level. The best communicates complex ideas simply and powerfully and wins hearts as well as minds with its creativity.

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4. Activation

Get your thought leadership in front of the world’s most influential people

A thought leadership campaign lives or dies by the quality of the activation.

It doesn’t matter how strong the ideas or original the content – if you don’t have the right strategy for getting it in front of your chosen audience, the campaign will fall flat.

We make the most of our strategic partnership with the Financial Times to get that strategy just right. We work with our clients to create campaign assets that support sales and help marketing teams to develop messaging that resonates across their own organisations.

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