Content audit

Content audit

The success of a thought leadership campaign depends on the quality of its content. Without solid evidence, original insights and eye-catching design, no amount of marketing will influence audiences and change their thinking.

Our content audit professionals conduct a thorough review of your existing content and score it against our own proprietary quality framework, ‘POETS’. We also give you a set of recommendations for how to enhance and improve your content and keep the standard high across the organisation.


Our content audit work includes:

  • A systematic review of your long-form and short-form content
  • A score for each piece of content against our proprietary quality framework, ‘POETS’
  • Recommendations to improve your content and a presentation of our findings.


A graphic showing FT Longitude proprietary POETS framework for measuring editorial content quality

FT Longitude POETS framework looks to measure the quality of a piece of editorial content across its Purpose, Originality, Evidence, Timeliness and Style.


What are the benefits of a content audit?

This content audit work:

  • Gives you an objective, external point of view on the quality of your content
  • Recommends how to optimise and enhance your thought leadership
  • Advises you how your organisation can implement long-term changes to processes.

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