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Cytiva: Global Biopharma Resilience Index

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Cytiva and FT Longitude partner with the Financial Times to lift brand awareness and consideration post-pandemic


During the Covid-19 pandemic, biotechnology and pharmaceutical firm Cytiva approached FT Longitude and the Financial Times to create a campaign measuring the ability of governments’ biopharma strategies to withstand economic and pandemic shocks.

The purpose was to creatively position Cytiva as a thought leader in the industry, better articulating its role in helping countries and businesses to tackle the complex dynamics in the fluctuating world of biopharma.

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Thought leading content for a senior business audience

Whilst leaning on the Financial Times’ expertise in reaching and engaging the most senior business audience in the world, FT Longitude and Cytiva created the Global Biopharma Resilience Index. Based on a quantitative study of the 1000 senior biopharma executives and healthcare policymakers from 20 countries, FT Longitude’s research and editorial experts blended the need for a robust research analysis with an engaging narrative: the backbone of real thought leadership.

The content campaign was created primarily for use on FT.com as exclusive Partner Content, allowing Cytiva to access the FT’s senior audience. A flagship whitepaper and interactive data tool formed the core of the content, allowing the reader to engage deeply with both the narrative and the research data. The campaign was completed with several strands of additional content such as focused short-form articles and animated videos, driving traffic to the main assets.

High-achieving content

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better average attention time on FT Partner Content

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increase in brand awareness

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increase in brand consideration

Impressive outcomes

The campaign proved hugely successful for both Cytiva and the Financial Times, garnering over 36,000 page views on FT.com, 38% of which worked in healthcare and pharma or government and policy. The remaining audience was made of of senior business decision-makers and influencers across several other sectors.

However, the key performance indicators were brand preference, consideration and preference. All of these metrics saw significant jumps once the campaign had concluded, compared to a benchmark taken previously. In total, FT Partner Content measured a 176% increase in brand awareness, 360% increase in consideration, and 11% increase in preference.

The scale of these figures prove the value of thought leadership for Cytiva, and the value of insight-led B2B content in boosting both brand awareness and long-term commercial efforts through strategic marketing.

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